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Equipment Exchange

The sale of used beekeeping equipment is a major route for the transmission of disease. American Foul Brood spores may remain viable for 50 years, or more, under ideal conditions. Unless you know the equipment to be disease-free, used equipment is always risky. When in doubt, consult the state apiary inspector or an experienced beekeeper before purchasing used beekeeping equipment.

New Equipment for Sale:

Charlie Starkes Has

1) Assembled, painted, IPM Bottom Boards (screened type), with removable tray. Built to order with front, back, left, or right removing trays. Price: $ 15.00 ea.
2) 4 Frame Nuc`s..... 1 Aluminum top cover, over wood. 1 Wood inner cover 4 Wood frames with Wax/Wired 9 1/8" DISE Entrance...4 position open/close. Wood Box, ready to paint. Price: $ 28.50 ea.
Call Charlie Starkes at 757-497-5079.

Andy Westrich

has  beekeeping equipment and unassembled woodenware from Beeline Apiaries for sale. For inquiries or to purchase, please call Andy at 757-513-2467 or email him. Click here for an Excel order form that will automatically total your order.